The Maclean Partnership


A range of tangible benefits ... providing real & lasting value

We use our specialist 'know how' to create real value for our clients.  The common theme in our development & consulting services and in our training & coaching programmes and workshops is that of improving business-to-business relationships.  This means that we help our clients develop new skills, attitudes and behaviours to make client / supplier relationships more productive, profitable and successful.  This is achieved by co-developing relevant, innovative and highly participative training & coaching programmes and consulting interventions. 

We work closely with our clients to identify and deliver specific, measurable improvements to their businesses.  This collaborative approach typically results in increases in levels of sales & profitability; more focused revenue growth; improved negotiation outcomes; enhanced client service, satisfaction & retention; more profitable client / supplier relationship management; plus at an individual and team level, improved role definition, enhanced job performance, motivation and staff satisfaction.  Significant benefits designed to create real business success.

Organisational Leadership, Business Management & Personal Development