The Maclean Partnership


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The Maclean Partnership provides organisational leadership, business management & personal development training services, designed for professional people - partners, directors & managers in professional service firms and private & public sector organisations.  We specialise in creating tailored training and development solutions, designed to be aligned individual and businesses needs, with the imperative of achieving realistic, practical outcomes to deliver specific benefits and improvements in performance for our clients and their businesses.

Our training & coaching programmes, workshops and development & consulting services are all designed to make measurable improvements to our clients' businesses, offering lasting value with real performance enhancement for their people & organisations.  The overall aim of our training and development service portfolio is to increase organisational leadership performance, to enhance business management & to improve personal effectiveness. Most importantly, our services help increase efficiency and profitability too - that is what the majority of our clients say they want us to help them achieve.

Organisational Leadership, Business Management & Personal Development